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The Investor KITAS is a visa specifically designed for business investors in Indonesia, allowing them to live and manage their business in Indonesia. one-year KITAS and two-year KITAS

extendable maximum 5 times for 30 days each extension to reach a total stay of 6 months period.

Multiple entry business visa valid for 1 year period of time and not extendable.

Choose your single or multiple entry business Visa

Multiple entry Retirement Visa is Available to those over the age of 55 who wish to retire in Bali/Indonesia and extendable.

Available to those who have married an Indonesian Citizen and who wish to bring their spouse to Bali/Indonesia and for foreigners who hold KITAS and wish to bring their spouse and or childrens to bali/indonesia

For those who wish to work in Indonesian companies legally, you have to apply for a working permit in Indonesia and a stay permit.

Available for those who perform a specific artistic function such as DJ, Singer, Model, Sports Instructor, Yoga Teacher, etc.

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